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New Trends In Child Care

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A new chapter in a working womanʼs life begins with the birth of a child, but motherhood brings with it new expectations and unexpected challenges. The lack of support systems is forcing many working women to quit their jobs. Almost half of the women in junior level jobs quit before reaching middle management. While the choice to leave is out of love – for the child, for the family – the monetary aspects of the decision also merit consideration.

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 Important Things To consider When Choosing Child Care For Your Child

  • Child care is catering to budget-minded families
  • Child care is now early education
  • Drop-in child care is more common
  • Corporate child care is raising quality bar
  • Most child care is becoming safer
  • Technology is changing provider/ parent connection
  • More Child Care Options Exist
  • The internet can help you find child care

Child care is catering to budget-minded families – Tips For Choosing Child Care

More parents are taking a careful look at child care costs, and decisions to reduce hours or even pull their kids out of organised programmes entirely due to job losses or expenses are affecting child-care providers as well. As a result, more providers are offering flexible hours, keeping rates the same or even reducing them in some cases, and working out pay arrangements for struggling families to encourage families to stay. Special programmes or fees are also being scrutinised as providers scramble to find ways to lessen costs while maintaining a quality care programme for the kid.

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Working moms worldwide rely on grandparents to shoulder the primary share of child care. Paid providers may also aid elderly grandparents. When using outside care, issues such as safety, security and a back-up plan for day-offs need attention.

Organised day-care centres allay many of these concerns and could be cost-effective compared to employing a nanny. Considerations in day-care selection include checking for small-group size and for high adult-child ratio. Due diligence is a must – child care and pre-school segments are not regulated and there are no licences or safety mandates. It is difficult to put a number to child-care costs as they vary widely depending on labour rates and real estate costs in each locality. The option you choose depends on your comfort level and also on family income and wealth. However, we have tried to capture the costs as a ratio of salary and the table shows that costs can take away 15 per cent or up to a third of the salary. Taking two days off from work to handle health issues for the mother and the child would add 10 per cent more to the cost.

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It is tempting to ask, “Why not save on these costs and avoid the hassles by dumping the job?” Personal reasons to leave a job are too many to list, but those of us who have a choice should consider the flip side of quitting. To start with, one may feel a loss of financial independence. Those who only planned on a few years break may face difficulty in re-entering the job-stream. When they rejoin, finding juniors at a higher level (and earning more) and readjustment may be discomforting. But it is the monetary loss that may really give you a pause. When a woman earns 40,000 a year takes a four-year break, she could be foregoing as much as `1 crore over a 30year career, assuming a seven per cent annual pay raise. The whopping amount is not just the actual pay sacrificed during your break. It recognises that your pay in later years will be lower too, as your career gets ʻresetʼ when you resume.

best child care resourcesYou must also consider that your familyʼs expenses will balloon as your kid grows up – cost of school, clothes, extra-curricular activities, vacations and higher education. The annual drop-out rate is 18 per cent for women in the workforce. Women form only 10 per cent of the senior level, although around one crore women are in the workforce. Urban women with graduate degrees are more likely to be attending domestic duties than rural women – 57 per cent for urban compared to 31 per cent to rural, according to a McKinsey study in 2012
Child-care is evolving, and most care-providers and parents agree the changes are for the best. What are some of the latest trends in child-care and what should parents be looking for when making an all-important childcare decision? Here are tips to how to choose best child care centres.

 How To Choose Best Child Care Centres

Child care is now early education – Tips For Choosing Child Care

No longer is child care for young children simply babysitting. Childcare centres have mostly transitioned to centres for early education, where young tots are involved with early learning. The trend to learning centres is partly due to high parent and school expectations; it’s also attributable to research that shows that kids are capable of learning early academics and other skills that were previously not taught until later.

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Care centres often offer formalised early education curriculums, and staff receives extensive training in instruction geared for preschoolers.

Drop-in child care is more common – Tips For Choosing Child Care

It’s no surprise that drop-in child care is on the rise. What may come as a surprise to some is that these facilities typically offer high-quality, safe, and affordable care options. The dropin care facilities focus on fun activities for kids and often include mealtimes and special theme events to provide parents with a worry-free evening or time away from kids. Gyms, recreation centres, churches and even schools are getting into the act of offering Parent Nights Out or similar events. Look for this trend to continue with even greater flexibility in the future.

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Corporate child care is raising quality bar – Tips For Choosing Child Care

Corporate child care is raising the bar in terms of quality child care. An increasing number of companies are either offering or considering in-house child care centres as a perk for attracting and retaining top employees. In addition, more companies are partnering with child care centres to offer discounted rates or even special hours for employees. Some developers are even focusing on including a child care facility as part of master planning of new areas, knowing that having a quality child-care centre nearby will make the area more desirable for both employers and employees alike.

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Most child care is becoming safer – Tips For Choosing Child Care

While no system is absolutely fail-safe, and occasional stories will continue to occur about child pornographers or sex offenders found to be working around children, the truth is that most child care providers are increasing measures to protect children in their charge. Increased security concerning picking up of children, additional background checks and screenings being done on prospective employees, and more surveillance and monitoring (both overt as well as the covert varieties) are helping to increase safety. Training and more thorough checklists are also helping to keep kids safer on field trips and outings.

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Technology is changing provider/ parent connection – Tips For Choosing Child Care

An increasing number of facilities offer parents the peace of mind of being able to check on their child while at daycare as desired through video streaming of classroom activities throughout the day. Other providers regularly take photos of children and send to parents, post daily or weekly blogs or e-newsletters online for parents to view, or even exchange emails or text messages throughout the day. The technology provides parents and providers with another tool for staying “in touch” and bonding with activities and events planned for Youngster.

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More Child Care Options Exist – Tips For Choosing Child Care

Parents today can consider a wider menu of child care choices, and many families are choosing to use a variety of care options based on current needs. Some families may use a nanny for an infant, an inhome provider for a toddler, and then switch to a care centre for a preschooler. Some families use one type of care during the school year and then another for summer months. Occasional care service options can include babysitters, drop-in care, specified parent night out nights, and even child care coops. Options do abound in most areas, although sometimes you have to really seek them out.

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The internet can help you find child care – Tips For Choosing Child Care

Word of mouth or driving around a neighbourhood used to be the most common way to find child care. Today, however, many families – especially those who have moved to a new community – rely on the internet to find quality child care. Many websites offer free listings of child care; most states have a child care site for review as well. Web-based babysitting and child care services are on the increase, and parents can type in a zip code and find providers who meet the specifi cations designated. Entrepreneurs are increasingly advertising availa bility for child care as well.

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