Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller – The Tall Tale

Are you worried, are you conscious? If yes, then forget it. Being petite is not a fault but a beauty in itself. As the season for fresh closet comes alive, we skim through the options that will make you feel proud of what you are and give you a chance to flaunt your style.

Ditch Game – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

Horizontal stripes make you look wider and not taller. Stripes is every common pattern that one can easily to closet, but horizontal stripes should be avoided by the short ones, as it makes them look more short and wide too. Fashion Stylist, recommends, “Bold vertical stripes is your choice, but that too should not be over done and balance should be created while dressing.” She also recommends that striped is a wise option for formal or power dressing, when in confusion.


Hello Heels – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

“No matter what is the occasion, woman always have a reason to flaunt those stilettos. Though caring them well calls for correct attitude, but most importantly, it is necessary for the petite girls to avoid inferiority complex in any social gathering. They just give you a good boost up in height and make you look like you are taller than you really are.” Personality grooming expert recommends, “Nude ones are suggested, as they go with every dress and occasion. They make your leg look like they just don’t end. Among the all variety wedge heels are recommends for petite girls to flaunt it all.


Hemline Up – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

If one wants to loom taller, then don’t cut your body off by a mid-calf skirt. One just cannot pull that off when they have a petite figure, at least not if goal is to look taller. Bring the hemline up. You don’t have to wear miniskirts and you probably shouldn’t once you pass a certain age, but if you can just bring your hemline up to right above your knees, it will do wonders for making you look taller.


Single Tone Theory – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

“Technically when you wear one solid colour from top to bottom, there are no breaks in it to cut you off and make you look short. Wearing one solid colour makes you look long and lean. He further suggests, “From pantsuit to a dress, there are lot many options to be explored in single tone for both day and evening wearing, depending upon the taste of an individual. The shade should not be too bright too draw the attention and make you the talk of the occasion. A balance is necessary.”


V-Neck – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

“Tops with plunging V-neckline give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso, At the some time they may end up with too much skin show, if the neckline not selected properly after trial. So, next times you are out to shop do try and then buy and stop worrying about being petite, after all its all about being what you are.




Accessory Agendo – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

When it comes to accessory, belt is one thing that one can safely play with. It defines the natural waist in the most flattering way possible, but won’t cut you in half the way a super-thick belt can, which causes you look shorter.


Hair – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

Long hairs are something that every girl dreams to have, but when it comes to styling for petite ones, it is a big “NO”. Hairstylist says, “Long hairs hauls petite girls down, while short hair style make them look tall and elegant too (only if trimmed at a renowned salon).” they recommends, “A wavy bob is the safest option for those who are not very experimental about looks. It shows off your shoulder and your neckline, which makes you look taller and elegant too.”

Perfect Proportion – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

Stylist feels that the most common mistake made by the short girls is following the fashion trend blindly. “What we see on runway is ideally experimented on tall models and that too with high stilettos, it is not necessary that it looks good on petite girls. For petite girls it is imperative that the clothes fit the properly. Citing from street style of the season, they suggests, “If you are wearing a cropped skinny jeans (very much in-trend, then make it sure that they are not too cropped and the hem hits the ankle area. Moreover, they should avoid wearing apparels like Capri, Recommended business look, “blazers and jackets are inevitable part for power dressing and one mistake can ruin the look. Make sure that the seams fir perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulder and that the sleeves hit exactly at wrist, so that the watch or hand accessory is clearly visible.”

Tailor Treat – – Tips for Petite Girls to Look Slimmer and Taller

The safest option in terms of dressing for petite girls is to have a good tailor they feel that baggy clothes are nothing less than fashion crime, when it comes to petite women. And the best way to avoid it is to get it fitted through a good tailor to suit your body. At the same time they warns that too fitted clothes can make you look shabby, so depending upon you attributes the fitting should be done.” A pre fitting session is always recommended before the final stitching to avoid mistakes.

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