How To Choose Best Nightwear – Tips To Choose Comfortable Nightwear – What To Wear To Bed

Sleeping Beauties Say goodnight with good materials and designs – How To Choose Comfortable Nightwear

Today you are spoilt for choice – whether to pick up silk, satin, lace or humble cotton, in multiple patterns or plain with sophisticated cuts and panels – for nightwear. You can select between no nonsense matronly night suits with a pyjama and a shirt or a sexy one. Every type is available.

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There are Indian designers who are making very imaginative doll-like nightwear as well as double-breasted kimonos and perfectly matched and embellished gowns and four-or-five piece night suits.

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The international designers believe in making the bedtime hot and sexy in silk, lace and very soft fabrics. Beautiful gowns and kimonos are being styled in georgette also. The beauty of nightwear designs and fabrics is being enhanced with semi-precious colorful stones, Swarovski, rhinestone crystals, etc. Different types of embroidery and shadow work are also being used for intricate patterns of night gowns.

Tips To Choose Comfortable Nightwear

How To Choose Best Nightwear For your Body Type

All the designing is incorporated according to the different shapes of the human body. Beautiful gowns and night suits are available to camouflage even the not so-attractive ʻphysical proportionsʼ and appear more graceful.Here are some tips to choose comfortable nightwear according to your body type:

What To Wear To Bed

  • For heavy-breasted women, the fabric for night gowns and suits should be in soft pliable fabrics with real good necklines to withdraw attention from a chubby neck and chest.
  • Thin shoulders and slim figures look good in thin shoulder-straps of the gown with pleats to fill up thin figures.
  • Short women can opt for vertical designs. Small prints and tiny embroidery on delicate fabrics are meant for small frames to give the optical illusion of being taller.
  • Tall women can experiment with multilayered nightwear with horizontal and big designs. Tall women look good in four-or-five piece night suits in different colors.

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Color – Tips To Choose Comfortable Nightwear

Besides different types of fittings and cuts and patterns, the selection of color for nightwear has immense effect on the mood of the evening and night. Bright and bold colors attract attention to the wearerred, purple, pinks, flowing lacy whites are the inviting colors for the hot, sexy nights of couples.

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Dark, muted and soft colors are soothing for cool, friendly evenings. The soft colors of nightwear induce relaxation psychologically and prepare you for restful nights.

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Comfort zone – Tips To Choose Comfortable Nightwear

Being comfortable in whatever you wear is the first rule of nightwear because night is meant for rest and relaxation.Though the night gowns and suits are made in provoking designs and patterns to achieve the sexy image, if you are comfortable in your sexy outfit you will feel happy and excited for having a good time at night.

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Comfortable fitting is the measure of good nightwear besides being glamorous and ethereal in its designs which donʼt hinder and hurt your movements.

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Looking beautiful is every womanʼs birth right, whether it is day or night. It is classy even being a “sleeping beauty” whether you are alone or with a partner. Pamper yourself – it builds confidence. And enjoy every moment of your life.


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