Tips to help you Choose the Right Games for Your Kids

Toys are important for fun and activity. Gone are the days when they were mere objects of play. With an exponential growth in competition, it has become imperative to instill in kids, different skills from an early age, in order to give them an edge over others. Instead of getting a simple toy car or a doll, parents nowadays are going for more educative toys like building blocks and puzzles that help in the development of social and motor skills in your kids. In addition to improving their creativity, toys also help to improve their hand-eye coordination. The myriad of toy varieties available in the market today can make your task of picking one for your kid extremely difficult. Through this article, we bring to you a few points that you should keep in mind when shopping for toys the next time.

Balloon Tennis

Age Group

One of the most important factors to note when picking a game for your kid is the appropriate age for it. Designing of toys is done while keeping each age group in mind. The wrong kind of game can hurt your kid and negatively affect their psychology as well. While toy cars and dolls are available for toddlers, video games are suitable for kids at least 7-8 years old. Similarly, building blocks are ideal for children above 3 years of age.

Balloon Balance Obstacle Course

Pass the Balloon (No hands allowed!)


The mechanism behind a toy is one of the most important prerequisites for choosing the perfect game for your kid. While most games keep your children occupied and help them have fun, it is also necessary that they help your kids learn. A good game challenges your child and motivates them to learn more effectively.

Balloon Hockey


It is extremely important that the game you choose should be playable. A complicated game can delay their learning and cause a loss of interest as well. Simple games grab your child’s attention and help them learn new skills easily. A good game teaches your kids different actions one-step at a time and hence helps them succeed.

Balloon Juggle

Indoor bowling

Indoor obstacle course

Rating and Reviews

The internet has made it extremely easy for you to gain knowledge about a toy before its purchase. Reading others’ reviews about a game lets you know about the pros and cons of the same and thus helps you decide if it is suitable for your child.

Every parent wishes to give the best to their children. From a luxurious life to first-class education, everything should be of the finest quality. Then why compromise when it comes to games for your kids as well? Keep these points in mind when shopping for games for your kid the next time and see them grow in leaps and bounds.


Card games


Make your own story

Save Your Balloon

Pop Bottle Bowling

Cardboard Box Race Track

Alphabet Sift & Find

Easy Shapes Collage

Wooden Catapult

Fingerprint Art


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