Things to Keep in Mind When Picking-up a Gaming Laptop

Things to Keep in Mind When Picking-up a Gaming Laptop

Guide to pick the best gaming laptop

If you are looking for a gaming laptop that meets all your expectations and are unable to decide amidst the myriad of brands and varieties available in the market, look no more. After reading this article, we are sure you will have a clear picture of what to look for and what not when choosing one.

Graphics Card (GPU)

The Graphics Card (GPU) is an indispensable part of any gaming laptop. The market offers two varieties, namely, the AMD and the NVIDIA, though very few laptops have AMD Radeon HD graphics in them. Hence, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPUs are highly recommended, especially the GeForce GTX 800 series.


One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a gaming laptop is the CPU. With games such as Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4 and Watchdogs that require a high amount of horsepower, you will need a highly reliable CPU. While Intel core i7 is the ideal choice for such intensive games, dual-core i5 can also do the job. However, the i5 can immensely slow down your game.


If you are confused between SSD and HDD, the perfect choice for a gaming laptop is the SSD. Additionally, since games require a major chunk of your storage space, a laptop with a 1TB hard drive is a must.


What purpose can a gaming laptop serve if it does not have a clear and sharp display? That is why the resolution of your laptop is of utmost importance. 1080p resolution is the most common today while the newer 3k, that is basically 3x 1080P, is also taking over the market like a storm.

Memory or RAM

The RAM is important because it stores the settings and essential files of your game. The most common choice for intensive games is 8GB while 6GB is equally functional as well as cost-effective.

Another important feature to look for in the perfect gaming laptop is the VRAM. This is that part of the memory that helps GPUs store frames, textures and other necessary items that help fetch frames to the monitor.

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