5 Pairs of Winter Boots to Help You Beat the Slush

As cold as it’s already been in some parts of the US, it’s only going to get colder as we continue through the next few days and weeks. Keeping your feet not only warm but also dry is essential to surviving winter with your sanity intact. And while wool socks help, sometimes your boots need a little boost.

To that end, insulated boots are the easiest way to elevate your shoes for the winter. Lucky for you, most designers have crafted options that will keep you warm enough to climb Everest, without looking like you’re about to climb it. Here are five pairs to get you started.

Hunter Pac Boot

For those living in areas that see considerable amounts of snow, the Hunter Pac Boot is long enough to make sure that your entire lower leg stays warm and dry. The 2017 redesign ensures a lightweight construction, which won’t make you feel like Frankenstein’s monster as you stomp around in the snow.


Palladium Pampa Sport Cuff WPN

Like most of its offerings, Palladium’s Pampa Sport Cuff WPN takes the brand’s iconic sporty silhouette and beefs up it for winter. The waterproof leather and the polar fleece interior lining means that your feet will stay dry and warm no matter the conditions.

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