Know The Pro Make Up Trends For Parties

Know The Pro Make Up Trends For Parties

Make Heads Turn with the latest Makeup Trends for Parties

Makeup has, on many occasions, been called a woman’s best friend, and rightly so. After all, it helps us conceal our flaws effortlessly and makes us look our best. Be it those ugly acne marks, or the embarrassing fine lines and blemishes, make up can do wonders in making them disappear in no time at all. Looking good also boosts our morale and helps us step out with confidence. Makeup has in the past few decades, undergone endless evolutions. With every year and season the world witnesses the entry of new makeup trends, each better than the previous one. Keeping track of every latest makeup trend can be quite daunting. Hence, with this article, we aim to acquaint you with a few makeup trends for parties that are sure to catch others’ attention and make heads turn.

Bold Eyes

Many believe that eyes are ‘The window to the soul’. The most expressive part of your face can, with a little bit of makeup, cause a massive increase in your beauty. Using an eyeliner to create a cat-eyed look has been the standard yet most loved look since years. If this seems too plain for you, you can also go for a smoky look. All you are required to do is smudge eye-shadow around your eyes and bam, you have a smoky eye. Paired with subtle lips, this is the current favorite of a majority of women around the world.

Upside Down and Colorful Eyeliners

If you like to stay out of the crowd, the latest makeup trend of upside down eyeliners is definitely your cup of tea. All you are required to do is apply your eyeliner on the bottom lash-line instead of the top. Flaunted by celebrities, this look has become a huge rage all across the globe. Instead of using the traditional black you can pick a colored eyeliner that gives you an edgy yet stunning look in no time at all.

Glitter Forever

Glitter is an instant solution to make anything look gorgeous and striking. Therefore, it is no secret that why it has managed to make its way into makeup as well. From glitter eye-shadows to bling lipsticks, a glitter look is a perfect party makeup choice.

Gold Highlighter

Add an extra bit of oomph to your look by using a golden highlighter on your cheeks. Just a dash of the powder can help you rock your way into a party with confidence.

Thick lashes and Bold Lips

Using a pair of false eyelashes or using a thick coat of mascara helps emphasize your eyes. Using only eyeliner with untouched lashes is never enough. Pair this with bold or ombré lips and become a showstopper in no time.

Black is Back

If you are skeptical about trying colored eyeliners the classic black is the answer to all your woes. Dramatic cat eyes are an all-time favorite because not only are they easy to create but help to draw attention to your eyes as well.

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