Top Trends for Men’s Fashion by Body Type

Top Trends for Men’s Fashion by Body Type

Let’s admit that, a lot depends on the way you look and carry yourself. No matter who you are, where you come from and what you do, people form the first opinion based on how you dress up. If you are confused about the latest men’s fashion trends, read on. Here, we discuss some of the most popular fashion trends according to various body types.

For a Casual Look:

Whenever we hear the word ‘Casual’, ‘funky tees or graphic tees’ are the first thing that come to our mind. They are the most go-to outfit choice in the wardrobe of any guy. On a bright sunny day, wearing a graphic tee with baggy jeans or denim joggers, upbeats your style quotient. It also keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

For a casual Friday office outfit, you can choose a crisp white shirt with comfortable blue jeans, to keep it simple yet catchy. For short men, it is advisable to wear shirts and tees of short length or tuck the shirt inside the trousers and jeans. This would help them look clean and a few inches talle
Tall men with a lean figure can opt for tight-fitted tees and solid color shirts for a casual day look. By focusing on these few tips on men’s fashion by body types, it would become easier for you to upbeat your fashion quotient.

For Monday Mornings and Office:

We know the struggle of going to the office on Monday morning, with the hangover of a happening weekend. To top it all, the struggle of selecting the perfect formal shirt makes it even more difficult.
You can go for a simple solid summer color shirt like light yellow, sky blue, grey or a simple beige shirt and pair it up with a dark colored trouser to complete the Monday look. When you are going for a whole day look, make sure you choose the fabric, which would keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

For the Party Time:

The best part of working throughout the week is the advent of exciting weekend parties. To nail the party look you can follow few guidelines on men’s fashion by body types, just to be sure about what you are wearing and where. The occasion and the place for which you are dressing up have a very vital role. For a party at a lounge, you can go for a t-shirt with a Blazer or a Cardigan. Choose the right accessories and you are ready to rock the party.

Comfort is the Key!

No fashion is more important than your comfort. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and if you are trying something new, just be confident and carry it with grace. Hope you enjoyed these tips on men’s fashion by body types.

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