Guide For Tiny Tots And Kids Fashion Age Wise

Guide For Tiny Tots And Kids Fashion Age Wise

A child is the greatest gift of God. From the time a child is born, the entire family gets into the job of getting clothes and dressing up the child in the most decent and adorable way possible. Kids fashion comprises of all the cute and adorable items with the most comfortable fabrics just to keep the child’s sensitive skin protected.

New Arrival:

A newborn should always be dressed in minimal clothes made of the softest fabric available. Till 12 months, the child should be kept away from any harsh or synthetic fabric. Cotton should be preferred. Variety of colors would be exciting for the child as well. As soon as the kid is between 1 to 5 years, the options of kids fashion increase a lot. Various types of tunics for the girls and t-shirts are available for the boys. Shoes with lights and quirky sounds are a favorite among the kids.

Naughty Grownups:

Between 6 to 10 years, the child goes through host emotions where he gets to grow up with other kids in school. Here the fashion quotient can be touched by choosing different types of kids fashion age wise. Girls can choose from various dresses, skirts, and denim and team them up with adorable backpacks and hair bands. Fairy themed outfits are a hit amongst the girls of this age. While the boys can choose from a series of comic-themed t-shirts and cartoon characters-printed t-shirts, teaming them up with denim and a funky watch.

Rebellious Teenage:

We have all crossed the age when following the conventional norms was a boring affair. Listening to what our parents told us was the last thing on our list. As teenagers, you can mix and match the various fashion trends and end up creating your own genre of style. Teaming up bandage leggings with an out-of-the-box crop top would give you the exact bold look that you desire for. Loose fitted tees, over-sized shirts and dresses are the best options for teenage girls. Boys can team up their favorite black t-shirt with a checked shirt and denim joggers with a cool backpack, just to get that oh-so-cute look.

Let It Be Real:

Kids fashion age wise should be followed to get your child the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion that you desire. Don’t go overboard with your choice of clothes. Let them decide on what they are comfortable in

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