Happy Marriage – How Not to Let Your Husband Drift Away From You

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Happy Marriage – How Not to Let Your Husband Drift Away From You

Secrets To Have Happy Marriage

how to be happy in an unhappy marriage

Priya was very happy for the past five years with her married life. Her husband Ritesh was very attentive to her needs and a caring and supportive person. During this time, they became proud parents of two lovely children, the youngest being a year old Lately, Priya noticed that Ritesh either comes home late or after Coming home goes away again telling different reasons each time. The heavens fell on her when one day when her cousin who is married into the same town told her that she had seen Ritesh with a woman walking hand in hand on the sea beach, who was the woman and how long and why has Ritesh drifted towards her? Priya felt hurt, angry and lost, all at the same time.

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Seema 33, was the darling of Robert since their marriage 10 years ago. Two years ago Robert was transferred to a distant town. Seema did not accompany him as she was not prepared to leave her teaching job in a high-profile public school where their two children were getting free education, Robert was earning three times her salary, so he too did not want to leave his job and in the process they started living a separate life from each other which distanced them emotionally too. Robert drifted towards a single woman at the new place and the couple’s married life went haywire.
There are many reasons for a man drifting away from his wife. Some are created by the wife and there are some due to husband’s follies. The situations created by wives must be understood by every woman so that these can be corrected by them in order to keep their husbands faithful.

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The behaviour of a woman, her lifestyle, her dominant and over possessive nature, her method of expression, the habit of nagging, the element of excessive jealousy. suspicion and read are the negative qualities which distance a woman from her husband. Consequently, in a few cases he drifts away from her to get solace from another woman.

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Mothers and grandmothers have always given guidelines to their daughters on how to keep their husbands glued to them. Those tips still hold true. Know them, practice them and reap their fruits.

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1. Be caring. Look after his needs when he is at home despite your being preoccupied with something else. Constantly give him the feeling that you care. Praise him for his achievements and the domestic help. Boost his ego.

2. The surest way to keep a man close to you is by feeding him dishes of his choice off and on. It is easy and simple to reach and rule a man’s heart through his stomach. Do not overfeed him, but do cater to his taste.

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3. Try to remain near him. Distancing from each other leads to drifting apart. Jobs at distant places away from home and not being able to live together or long separations by overstaying at one’! parents’ house are the sure ways of distancing your husband from you. Avoid these even if you have to sacrifice something.

4. Keep a grip on him by keeping an eye on his activities without being too possessive or suspicious. Constant Suspicion mas marriage. But be watchful even of your closest friends and relatives. It is not uncommon for these people to lure susceptible males.

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5. Always be supportive and nice to him. Do not nag over trifles. Discard the nagging and dominating habit, if you have it. If persisted, men then prefer to remain away from home for longest time of the day and may drift towards some other women due to your neglect, lack of affection, harshness or too much of ego.

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6. Never sayNo to him. If you are busy, not in a good mood or not feeling well or too tired, or expect some disturbance or the likelihood of lack of privacy, say smilingly and Coquettishly. Not now, later or some other time.”
Tease him and get him to you at the better opportunity by inviting him later by gestures and romantic manoeuvres so that he does not feel neglected on this score.

7. Do not neglect your husband by orienting too much to the children, particularly when they are very young children should be looked after well and must get the full attention of their parents but not at the cost of each other. Keep the balance between your husband and children so that none is neglected. Lovingly involve the husband in childcare so that he starts understanding your childcare problems and then keeps his demands over you reasonable with consideration for time, space, your availability, workload and your physical and mental state.

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Do not take these tips of yesteryear as being worthless in the present days. Those do not make you a doormat but put you on a higher pedestal. The marriage becomes lifelong and lasting unlike the frequent divorces of the West. Modernisation does not mean forgetting the good values of our culture and blindly following Western culture.

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Happiest are the wives who are able to hold their husbands close to themselves sweetly and dearly. Even the jumpy husbands can be tamed. Both men and women need to adapt themselves to the present times, but remember that basic human nature remains the same.

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