Benefits And Importance Of Smiling – Power of Smiling – Health Benefits Of Smiling

SMILE That Make Your Life Easy – Things That Make You Smile – Smiling Can Change Your Life

Smile not only expresses your happiness but also tells a lot about your health and personality.Let us see how smiling can change your life.

smiling can change your life

A beautiful smile enhances the beauty and improves the personality. Even the most ordinary face comes to bloom with a beautiful smile. Smile improves health also. It makes people aware of your confidence and friendly personality. Everyone has this treasure called smile. What one needs is to open it, reveal it.

Health Benefits Of Smiling

Psychologist Pranjal Malhotra says, “Smile strengthens relations, as every now and then when walking on throughfare a stranger gives us a smile, an unsaid relation is established though the person has no relation with us. But smile becomes complete only when it rises from the heart.

Power of Smiling 

Types of smile – Power of Smiling 

Smile has a deep relation with our thoughts and emotions. Always focus on the virtues of others. Then we will face no difficulty in smiling when we see them, because then that smile will be real.

Benefits And Importance Of Smiling

Always try to be natural before smiling, otherwise your smile will appear false. When smile emerges from the mind, it makes your eyes glow and the person in front will take no time to feel that our smile is real and direct from the mind.

Hard Looks 

Unfortunately, for some people it is not easy to smile. It is not so that they do not know how to smile, but they are raised in very grim atmosphere and are stressed to be as they are. That is why, they fail to talk with smile despite having love in their heart.

importance of smile in customer service

This apart, some people are very shy in nature. Hence, it is not easy for them to smile. Then every person has different nature. Some smile a lot and some very little. But a small attempt can be made. If you greet someone with smile, he or she will honour you. Then it will be easy for you to smile.

Be Cautious of Such Smiles – How To Spot A Fake Smile

Every smile is not real and it is true also. Crook, mean and deceptive people are expert in spilling sweet smile but their smile is hollow. Therefore, understand the meaning behind every smile as to why the person in front of you is smiling. See if his or her crafty smile is meant to insult you, humiliate you or to deride you. Always be cautious of such smile.

How To Spot A Fake Smile

Speciality of Close-up Smile – Importance of Smiling 

It is the speciality of close-up smile that it conveys your innermost feelings to others without uttering a single word. On the other hand, seeing on angry face you feel nervous and dejected. Smile not only affects you but also the person you are smiling at. If you feel tense while talking to others, then a mere smile will remove this tension. With smile we can easily face frustration or tension. If someone gives you a tip or suggestion with smile, you will happily accept it, while a suggestion given in anger will have opposite effect. In a tense atmosphere, a small smile can remove many misunderstandings.

smiling can change your life

From Health View point Medical Officer at Safdarjang Hospital Dr Ashok Rampal says : Being happy is extremely necessary for our health. Real laugh from the mind reduces tension and relaxes the body.

how important is a smile

Smile keeps us away from excitement and fear. Guffaw results in expansion of arteries that leads to faster blood supply to various body parts. Laughter enhances our resistance power to diseases. In fact, health of a person is true reflection of feelings he or she harbours in mind.

Benefits of Smiling – Health Benefits Of Smiling

Benefits And Importance Of Smiling


  • Smile is the real beauty of a face, because you donʼt spend to smile but you leave a good impression of yourself on others.
  • At the time of sorrow, smile acts like an ointment and psychologically and emotionally it conveys to brain that we are safe.
  • Smile enhances facial glow manyfolds. A small smile can make a friend out of foe.
  • Smile paves the way to success. It makes it easier to work in a group. When your mind is happy the work is done better.
  • Smile attracts others, strengthens relations and makes your personality charming.
  • Smile increases your enthusiasm, driving away sorrow, pain and jealousy.
  • If a person smiles at the time of sorrow, then many harms can be avoided.

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